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Happy Monday! Today for me was an office day, four massages, I left the kids with a list of chores and guess what? They did them! Yay! Today is picture day for the All-Star team, they (the coach) decided on white pants! Seriously?! White pants should just be off white or cream color because that is what they will be by the time they get to the field..or is that just how MY boy is? Well, they are just pants they have these cool things called washing machines and I am putting you all on notice buy stock in Clorox the Boy is wearing white baseball pants!


Let’s explore this topic for a second! The decision to make white baseball pants must be because someone really liked the color cream or even brown with green streaks! Who ever in their right mind thought white baseball pants were ever a good decision? When baseball started hundreds of years ago were there even such a thing as a washing machine? There definitely wasn’t bleach! Maybe that is why bleach was invented!

Earlier today I was talking to a friend, we were talking about how men just don’t understand how long house work takes. They think things just magically happen. It is as easy as “put it away when you are finished” which yes, sometimes it is, but for example laundry takes longer than that. You start a load of laundry and fold and put away an hour or so later. If you are a busy mom (and who’s not?) you are starting laundry running to take the kids to school grocery store and then coming home put groceries away take out and fold laundry (if you remember it then) put it away or stack it if you’re trying to teach the kids to do somethings for themselves. Clean toilets if there is time, shower, again, only if there’s time and that day doesn’t include big chores like window washing or bathtubs! It just takes a lot of time to do this whole mom thing and the baseball coaches add white pants… Seriously?! Oh well it is life.

Clorox and a bleach pen will be my best friend during this season! When he gets out of the car at the start of the day his pants will be clean, which means I have to be caught up on laundry by the end of everyday so I can bleach wash the pants everyday of Districts and then State if we get there and then Nationals, wouldn’t that be fun…wait, that would be in a hotel or something…we’re buying more pants if we go to a tournament where we have to be in a hotel!

Guys just don’t understand!


White pants in baseball is like women wearing stilettos at a beach wedding! They look great and are fashinable but make absolutely no sense at all and in that case they are pretty fucking awesome!