OMG I AM SO PISSED! I don’t know who to blame, myself (probably) or my Surface or WordPress! I was trying to type the categories and tags for my completed post today that I just spent the better part of an hour or so on and the stupid keyboard wouldn’t type, which has happened before. So I thought I got the cursor to populate on the line and type the back button and it took me to the previous page then I tried to go forward which it did but was doing the beep beep boop thing and then cleared my whole post!!!! Fuck!! That was a waste of my time and I am so pissed!

I132675 need to figure out how to get my Surface to automatically save the way my phone does so when that happens it stays in the drafts or something! Or just say FUCK it and not put categories or tags on posts from my surface! I am so pissed and Angry right now. My post was about how I am liking the relaxed summer and that the kids have been doing chores and helping out and that today I don’t have a schedule so it is hard for me to get working and not just waste time sitting on the computer and then there it is an hour or so wasted on a blog post that was cute and random but still productive and now you get this shit! (and my Surface tries to correct all my bad language who said you could censor me Surface?) Sorry but I have no more time to put into blogging today! So here is the picture I was going to have in the original post. It is about he kids opening their lemonade stand tomorrow!

FUCK THIS WASTE OF TIME TODAY!!! (I know it is my fault, as I have said before I am a rookie when it comes to this kind of stuff but seriously it should work the way it is supposed to! Maybe I need to go to the Microsoft store and do Surface School!)

Sorry for the negativity I really was being positive and happy! Now I am going to go fold some laundry and get something done before my movie date with the girl!