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So I had a busy day and didn’t get a chance to sit down and blog today. I m posting from the bar stool! I had 2 massages this morning then a BNI meeting. Then home for the girl to do her Lemonade stand, baseball practice then football coaches meeting for me it was equipment manager organizing time and now date night! Busy day!

I am hanging out with the Hubs and some of our favorite people in our favorite watering hole. We also ran into some fun friends, some new and some old friends tonight. Wondering what is going on in their lives now… I bet they were wondering the same. We were all hanging out and are old enough to know not to try to have serious conversations bout life when you run into eachother at a bar…

We just got interrupted by a guy who played Jr High football with the Hubs. He was an underclassman and kind of looked up to the Hubs when they were in My High playing football. Then we toasted to us being high school sweethearts…Cheers to 35 years more!

It’s been a busy fun day! Lots of memories and new ones created…ready for more!!!