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When I was 16 I was a Parade Princess! I rode on a float and waved. Little girls were awed by seeing a Princess they would say “ooh she waved at me! Her dress is so pretty and look at her crown!!!!”  Today was the day of our hometown local parade that I was a princess of so many years ago. My mom is still involved with the Fathom’s of Fun organization. Every year at the Parade they invite past royalty to join in the fun again and ride in the parade. So this year after many of not doing it, I decided to ride in the parade. (The Boy and the Hub’s walked with Pee Wee football, so it was kind of a family affair.) I let the Girl wear one of my crowns and ride with me too. It was a blast. Seeing the little girls waving and smiling so big when we waved at them was so special.

quote-Ben-Gibbard-we-all-pine-for-a-time-in-179143_1 It brought me back to a time when the world was more conquerable and life was such simpler. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life now but I miss the easiness of that time in my life. The late teenage years when we were upper classman years in high school. We thought we knew so much and knew the answers to how the world works and how to get what we wanted. The whole world, our whole life, was in front of us. Now, it seems so daunting and a lot of things I envisioned I would be have changed. Some of those things have not come to fruition, but honestly I cannot give one specific example, must have been important things. However,I cannot pin point one thing I would have made different in life. I have been a stay at home mom and I have been a career woman (sort of before I had kids at 25). I went to Massage School right out of high school and I am still doing massage. I always knew I would have kids but I wouldn’t say that “all I ever wanted was to be a mom” I have always wanted more!

As a stay at home mom I wanted and struggled with wanting a “me” part in my life. So that is one reason why I went back to work doing massage and have also taught aerobics classes, and now doing some bartending. I also work now to help with finances. I love being able to help give my daughter dance and for my son his sports (and dance) and to have his dad be able to coach him in his sports, but not make the Hub’s have to take on extra work to pay for it, he does enough already. The extra money I make working affords us to do a lot of things with and for our kids and most importantly with each other. However, I have been feeling guilty working so much lately! More than I ever have since my kids were born. Balance is needed in that part of my life because I still have a family and home to take care of! I still am the Homemaker! I will learn this balance but I will never regret anything that I have chosen to do to put this Princess (me) where I am now.

Today was fun, reminded me of a simpler time and simpler pleasures that I enjoyed as a kid! I was glad to watch part of the parade with the Girl and listen to her say “I want to be her” sometime because she liked the girls crown or dress and sometimes for the car she was riding in! The boy had an enjoyable time too especially looking at all the cars in the car clubs. Oh to have the times looking at cars, and dreaming before you had to consider how much it costs, back!

It was a fun family day! Now time for some adult time with the Hubs!