I am going to give a good bye a send off to my best girlfriend who is moving away, I am very sad. After spending the day with the family, welcoming my Sis in law, Bro in law and kids (one of which we have never met before) are here from Virginia. They are staying with my in laws for the week who live 2 and a half hours away! With baseball practice and work we probably won’t be able to see them much this trip! Fuck working! (I digress)

Well, going to give lots of hugs and get in some giggles and girl talk with my bestie while she is here for another night! We don’t get to see each other as much as we want but now!?! I am super sad that she will be 3 hours away!!!! I am so happy for her as she loves the sun and dry heat and her family is close to where she will be, but sad for me! She is only about an hour from the In laws so great potential for visits!

Gonna miss my friend!!!