{never made it back to edit and publish this post so here it is un-edited. After a full night of bartending. It was pretty busy but fun! Have a good night folks I have about 2 hours before I have to be up to meet with a BNI counterpart and then massage and a full day of mom stuff}
Original post:  So, confession: this post is short and quick and the picture with it is kind of sub-par but was a very quick search but accurate portrayal and very fitting. However, I did start today watering my grass (Washing Clothes) at 5am then first massage at 8am Dr appointment then lunch with kiddos (Love) then back for another massage and chose to nap before making dinner instead of

writing a quality blog post, I am kind of sorry but  not sorry (just like I won’t be sorry when I wake the Hubs up for some late night nooky (sex) when I get home!)  I have to work my first “real shift” at the bar tonight. Tonight we are having Cards Against Humanity… I am not sure exactly how we are going to do it at the bar but I am thinking and hoping it will be fun and lots of laughs! (Hopefully lots of tips)

Hoping I get to mix some real Cocktails tonight too! I will be featuring an Eddy Palmer Deeps Eddy’s Lemon ad Deep Eddy’s Sweet Tea muddle and shaken for an alcoholic version of (my BNI group’s favorite) Arnold Palmer drink!  It is yummy and refreshing perfect for this hot day!

So tonight will be fun just another day in the life of this Working Mom/Homemaker’s life! I will miss kissing thenkids goodnight but Gma will be taking them to her house anyway! Crazy busy good times!!! CHEERS!