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Hello friends. Today is Wednesday and you know what that means, Hump Day Challenge!!!!


Today’s challenge is coming at a time that I am super busy and struggling with my Sex Love and Washing Clothes Bare Necessities. That is the everyday having sex. At a certain point sex became a chore…as the year wore on and the Hubs and I had some stress in our life he expected and wanted me to “follow through with my commitment” and I wanted him to “just get me there” and got tired, we sort of slacked off. We have missed about 1-2 days a week on average for the last 4-6 weeks. But I have been doing something Sex Love and/or Washing Clothes related. I have also fallen out of Washing Clothes everyday since I have gone back to work and gotten busy! I have blogged everyday, however.


The hump day challenge for you my friend is to make passionate love in 3 different positions tonight. Man on top, Woman on Top and Something vertical! Enjoy your time with your lover, do these three positions in one session!!! Fuck your brains out but do it sensual and sultry slow and deep! Make love, do not just fuck today! Be intentional!!!!


Consider a sex challenge, conquer a whole week 10 days or a month but do it to reconnect and and get physical and enjoy each others company. I am planning a new recommitment to sex everyday. It is July 1 so for the month of July I will fuck my husband everyday and not let it become a chore but do it, even when I am tired. Nothing super special just, at least, fuck everyday!!!

What is your commitment challenge maybe it is to have a 5 minute conversation everyday, maybe it is like mine to fuck everyday. Maybe it needs to be you eating dinner together everyday. Make a commitment to #Everday2015 #July

Now, go Fuck you lover in three positions for this week’s Hump Day Challenge and decide a July challenge together! #EverydayJuly