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Hello Thursday! Today was a busy productive day! This week really has been productive as well as busy! I am really feeling the working mom thing! I loved being a stay at home mom (and I miss parts of it even though I still call myself a stay at home mom who works) but I missed having an identity outside of being “just a mom” (there is nothing wrong with being “just a mom” though) and our kids and family is not getting any cheaper! I feel slightly hypocritical being back at work and really taking on the busy working mom thing full force. I have been working 4 days a week at the massage office and then 2 days a week at the bar. I have also been doing the errands and homemaker stuff. My kids have been given chores each day when I work to helping out with the whole homemaker part. They are doing alright with that too.

I do not work “fulltime” outside the home, however (when the fuck do full time working moms take their kids to the doctor or go grocery shopping?!)  I have no extra time to drink coffee and get ready for the day anymore! I feel so overwhelmed as a stay at home mom but I was able to do what I needed when I was ready and on my schedule, now I have no time to acclimate to the day. Now it’s up and off to work, come home for lunch to check on the kids (if and only if I have time between appointments) go back to work maybe grab groceries for dinner then run the boy to baseball stay and watch (which I am not doing today I decided to go to the grocery store and do my writing) then come home maybe have a snack send the kids to bed and I am exhausted and don’t know when I am going to catch up on the dishes. Wait, I have the kids do the dishes and laundry one day my clothes will actually get hung up and I will actually be organized….. probably not!

And to top it all off I have been requested by one of the Senior bartenders to help with some promotions at the bar. We want to attract a more sophisticated (by sophisticated I mean older) crowd. We want to teach them to drink cocktails, not just whiskey and coke or flavored vodka and soda. So we have an idea to have one night a week that is a band night (probably Saturday) then once a month we will have a “theme night” sort of party where we all dress up and encourage the people to dress up if it fits the theme. For example one idea we have is a Speak Easy where we would dress up Prohibition Gangster Flapper style and have vintage cocktails like an Old Fashion or other prohibition time type drinks (we will research in advance). The party would be a Friday later in the Month with drink specials and fun stuff going on like a costume contest or a featured band that matches the theme… Anyway I am excited about this because I love to plan parties and make cocktails and learn and teach new cocktails. And I will enjoy marketing these things too. So tonight Senior bartender and I are meeting with Owner to discuss and present our ideas. So after I post this I will start planning themes out and activities to go along with the themes and drink ideas to go with them. Hoping Owner will be on board and let us run with the ideas and let us take off with it! I am excited and looking forward to this adventure and hope this little town of mine will like our idea and come out and support our bar!

nat-do_more_of_what_makes_you_happy_sign-01Busy times in this house with this Homemaker who is feeling adventurous and loving life! I am doing what makes me happy and loving it! Sex Love and Washing Clothes started out slightly differently than where I am now but I am happy. Through all my tiredness I am loving life and enjoying this journey. That is what I want to teach and speak to all of you reading my blog! Be happy and Do You! When you do it may not be what you think. Or it may not be what you used to think it should be but if you are happy doing what you do….don’t change! Stop “shoulding” yourself and allow happiness.

I will need organization and planning help get through the craziness which is where I am now, I need to get that organized part down… I needed to get that part down when I was not working and now it is way more needed! I will get there, I promise!

Tonight I am excited to do day 2 of my July Challenge and I plan to start it off with some naked hot tub time with the Hub’s, I covered the Washing Clothes part with delegating it to the kids! Can you say Love?