Happy Independence Day! As I looked for a quote picture to share, I ran across a lot of generic “God bless America” type quotes. Vanilla stuff that you see every patriotic holiday.


Let me say Thank you to the men and women of the military whose braveness, hard work and sacrifice paid for our freedom. I chose the above quote from John Adams to remind us that Independence Day is not only about fireworks and barbeque, having open boarders, days off work and free speech, it is about the having ability to do with our lives what we want.

We have the freedom to dare to think outside the box, to read others opinions and write our own! The way our forefather’s did so many years ago. They dared to think that there might be a better way a more ‘right’ way and then dared to fight for what they believed was right! They did not let themselves get brainwashed with fear from the government. They stood for what they believed and we all know this to be the American way!

So I challenge you all of my friends, go forth without fear…dare to read, think and write and then make your own opinion. Do more research rather than just reading the propaganda from one side or the other. Allow yourself to have your opinion but also be open minded of others. Don’t always let them sway you because they have a louder voice but always listen to both sides ad contemplate (think) on what  the other point of view is. Go with your gut and trust it but do not be paralyzed by it. Don’t let the fear mongers get to you. As of July 4, 1776 we are free to move about this country without fear.

Today was the day we became free as a country, stop paralyzing yourself with trying to impress others or trying to be what they want you to be. Be you, Do you and do it freely and fuck what anyone else thinks! Be you do what you think is right!