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Well today was the boy’s first All-Star game. They lost, sad day! But the Boy played a good game. The other team’s pitchers were really good! Much better than any we have seen all season! The Boy is playing Center Field. I tend to have crushes on Center Fielders, we can thank Ken Griffey Jr for that one! And of course my boy is my favorite Little Leaguer it is fitting that he is playing my crush position! All the kids did alright, I am super impressed with the Boy not that he was perfect but that he bounced back after every mistake and even after he struck out. I could see him react and want to get down and angry, then he shifted his attention to the next play or the next player coming up to bat and gave him a good luck high five. He has really matured in baseball this year. They tend to hang on every strike and ball or every out. They must learn they can’t live and die by every play..good or bad. It is a long game and it needs your full attention each and every play. Short memories and clean slates and focus! My boy did good at that today I am proud of him! Next game is Tuesday!

The Hub’s is currently working on putting a new microwave in for me. We have an over the range microwave and ours died this morning. So after baseball today we headed out to search for a new microwave. The one we had served us well! We put it in probably about 11 years ago. We redid our kitchen 9 years ago but did not need to replace the microwave then. There is nothing hotter

than watching my husband working on my house. I love seeing him with a tool in hand and installing things. He is not as much of a fan because everything is never level and he gets so frustrated that he can’t make it perfect. If he ever builds me a house we will have to start from the ground up and hire contractors with very thick skin and the passion for perfection like my husband! I love the dedication this man has for our family and for making sure we have the best of everything and it is not only done safe and correctly but it looks as good as it made! I haven’t even taken photos of him working. I know how much he hates it, I hope he doesn’t think I don’t care since I am not snapping a photo of my hottie working hard in the kitchen!

So, tonight is primed for a two a day night. This AM we got a little frisky in the shower. During football season we have a ritual before football games, unfortunately our ritual did not help today, our team still lost but that still means that we can have a two a day and be “plus one”`for July! Woohoo!!!!! Between watching him work and knowing how much he enjoys the idea of two a days it’s a shoe in that I am getting lucky tonight… or he is… we both are! Sunday Funday = Two-a-day!

Looking forward to a fun week of baseball. The kids leaving for Yellow Stone (depending on baseball we may only lose one kid this week). So a bit of a break is coming soon which is good it will give me time to catch up and organize a bit and maybe by the time they are back I can have a better routine in place for this newly working mommy/homemaker self and get everything organized better! I love my life!