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grandparents-quote4jpgIt’s Monday! Depending on the result of the baseball game tomorrow, my children will get in the car with Grandma and not be back for two weeks, actually more like a week and a half! Tonight we are Grilling up ribs and having a yummy fruit salad and spending on more evening (after we get home from dance at 8pm) together before the kiddos vacation the Gram and Gramps! I will miss them but also will enjoy the break.

My plan is to get organized. I have a big event or party planned going on at bar I work at the day they are scheduled to be back! :-/ Oops actually I bet they will want to stay with Grandma until the end of the weekend anyway! We are doing a Malibu Beach Party! I am super excited for fun drink specials and hoping for a busy night! But I really need to get my house organized and into a rhythm of cooking healthy meals and exercising! Since I will be wearing beach wear that night (I have two weeks) I need to be doing some crunches and stay away from the sugar! But I will rock this beach body even if it is bigger than I may want it to be it is mine and my husband loves it so I will rock my beach body slinging those Mai Tais and Mojitos!!

I am off to go get the kids a care package for their road trip. Gonna grab the girl a fashion magazine and the boy a Road and Track or Car and Driver (but he reads daddy’s car and driver so I am thinking something different) and some head phones and maybe some munchies. Gonna miss those kiddos! It is bittersweet. I know they will be making lifelong memories this trip with Gram and Gramps and will for sure make Gram and Gramps super happy and filled with joy to give them their first experience with road tripping and Yellow Stone National Park! Man I am going to miss them but looking forward to the no kid life for a minute! Hoping to get a few video chats from the kids and letter written home from my little’s.

Most of all in true Sex Love and Washing Clothes form I am looking forward to having the house to ourselves and be able to have loud and unedited sex with the Hubs! No need to lock doors or be quiet! Whoohoo!!!! Hump Day Challenge recon everyday! This is the best part of sending the kids away for overnighters and long trips with Grandparents! Hoping for no fighting just fun and relaxed time with the Hubs. The much need reboot that we have needed! We both work hard and really can use this time to reconnect relax and reboot! I love my kids and will miss them but I will also take advantage of the time kid free with my husband and enjoy every minute!