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****Forgot to post this before midnight, Tuesdays post******

Well, the boys team lost today! The Boy played well. He had a great attitude. The last inning was a Dusie! They were in the field in the top of the 5th, we were the home team, so the other team was at bat and they hit throught their line up 3 times! It was a long inning. The Boy was trying to rally his team walking over and giving pep talks (at least that what it looked like) to all the other players during pitching changes and breaks when the coach would go out and talk to the pitchers. It was a sad loss but I am proud of how the boy handled it!

As soon as the game was over the Grandparents swooped up the kids and headed for Yellow Stone! Normally this would be a night of celebration but, I work at the Bar so it’s off to work for me but the Hubs and I started it off right with a bit of day sex! Yep we fucked before I head to work. He plays softball tonight so it is certain he will hit a home run and have a great game! I am sad they will be gone for almost two weeks but I am going to enjoy the break! But I still have to work and so does the Hubs! You can bet we will enjoy our time alone!

It’s bittersweet! I’m super excited for the kids but sad I will miss them! The kids will make lifelong memories with the Grandparents and have stories for days to share! Then we have our family vacation a week after they get back! So we can do it all together!