0fe0f698cc5cfb8d08fc7ccb61d99080Hello Thursday!(non edited today, I will come back and fix typos but need to get the post done so I confess I posted this without proofreading, not that proofreading ever eliminates typos but just a fore warning) As you all have noticed or read about or figured out on your own, I have been working a lot! My body is starting to feel it. This is the first time in probably 12 or so years that I have done massage everyday of the week. I am technically only working 3-4 days a week but I can’t say ‘no’ and have been working 5 days. Plus bartending two days (actually nights) and add to that my blog. What do I mean by my body is starting to feel it? My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is acting up! I have been doing a lot of posting my blog on my phone (because I am so busy) so I got the “cell phone thumb” syndrome that kind of started up Monday-wish and now it is a full blown Carpal Tunnel Flare up right now. I should be icing my wrists right now but I have yet to post today.

I have said for a couple of weeks that I need a massage! And boy I do really need a good massage! I may even forgo trying to set up a trade and just pay my friend for a massage! I probably need a good 90 minute massage even! Between my wrists, my back, and my feet that could eat up a whole hour! I know I sound like I am complaining, and I kind of am but I am not intending to complain or be negative. I know in a few weeks or at least in a normal summer by now I am usually complaining about not having enough massage appointments to even warrant paying for a sitter let alone enough to get my Carpal Tunnel in and uproar! So I really should count my blessings.

What I do need to consider is how to make money or thrive in my business when I get too busy to add more clients or when I get too old or injured to continue to do massage, at least enough massage to make it worth my while. I love massage but hate being in pain and having to figure out how to accommodate my wrists while doing massage. I am pretty good at protecting my wrists but obviously I have gotten too busy too or just have not been protecting them enough. Having good wrist alignment and trying not to muscle through my hands are a few ways I try not to blow out my wrists every day! …boy does this make me fee old?

Anyway I love massage I love being my clients favorite part of their day and I love helping people heal! How can I do that when I am the one needing healing? I have to figure this out. I love my job and am not ready to hang up my oil holster yet. So in the mean time for now I am going to go ice my wrist. Lookin ahead at my schedule it appears next week may be a bit slower for me which is very much welcomed for me right now! I will continue to brain storm how I can continue doing massage and take care of my wrists and not be in constant pain for the rest of my career! And I will also enjoy my bartending career that is fairly easy on my body especially in comparison to massage. Then I will take this Sunday off fromeverything and clean my house, how boring am I that I have to set a weekend day aside to clean house. This is the life of a working mom I guess… I kind of miss the stay at home gig but I am loving my job outside the house as well as still being a mom, I will always be that first!