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I finally got my hair done! My gray hair was really showing I needed it soooo bad! My hair girl and I have had a hard time coordinating our schedules. I went back to my original Hair Stylist. He was the first real haircut I got when I was probably 18. He has always done amazing things with my hair. The stylist I have been seeing for the last few years, is a high school (actually Jr High school) friend of mine. I kind of felt like I was cheating on her but I have felt I was cheating on him with her. I am so happy with my hair. The hair cut is just what I needed. Just different enough to be different but still me! He added a little red in too, not overkill, just enough. I think he said every third foils or so in the front. It is really refreshing and hot and I love it!

250161_10151665892090695_2091536301_nThis brings me to the idea of today, about loyalty. I think I am very loyal. Which is why I felt like I was cheating on my hair stylist. Everyone has the right to decide what they do, who does it and why they want someone else to do it. I was happy with my hair girl she rocked! However, her schedule does not match up with mine any longer. I was desperate and he was available today! I can see him and not disrespect her, right? If she is offended then it is her problem not mine, right? It is tough because I understand what it is like building clientele and growing a business. But I also have to be mindful of my schedule (and my hair) as well. I love her but really did kind of need a change and the schedule is as good a reason as any.

I am so happy that I went back to him. I was so happy to see him. He and his wife were the first people the Hub’s and partied with when we were younger. Oh we had some fun nights at Halloween and New Years Parties. He and I traded massage for hair for a while. I am quite sure I owe him quite a few massages… He had kids I had kids we got busy and I stopped going to him I have no idea why but I love that I went back and I love my hair.

So do I have a moral of the story today? Loyalty is up to you. Can you be loyal to a friend and go to someone else for your hair? My thought is that my friend and I need to get together for lunch or coffee (I don’t think she drinks coffee) more often to catch up! I love my hair!

Have a great day friends. Go get your hair did! It feels good!