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Sunday Fun Day! Today we are out shopping with Hubby’s friend for a new AR15. My original plan was to stay home to clean house. It needs some attention, and when you work as much as I have been lately that is when you clean house, on the weekends. Boo that! Since I covered for a coworker who is sick  I worked Friday night at the bar 4:00 until close and then Saturday 9-close (we close at 2am and I had to cut off the Hubs last night!) I decided to ride along and go with the boys for the adventure. This was our weekend to chill with no kids and I was fucking working! Again, Boo that!!!

Friday night was hopping! It was very busy, the other bartender working with me said it was as busy as she has ever seen there and since I hang out there a lot I concur. Then Saturday was a more mellow night it was slow until around 11:00 but we still manage to do alright making tips! It ended up okay but was a grind of a night.


Today has been fun. Hanging out with the Hubs and his buddy. These two boys have been friends forever, before me anyway. I enjoy them just hanging out and chilling. It reminds me of when we were all young. They used to sit in my living room until 4 am or so playing video games. Then there were the nights they would wake me up to tell me something important like how much Jon loves me at 2:30am and again at 3:45am and such. It wasn’t quite as nice then when I had to teach a Spin class at 5am but thinking back to those times, they are some really fond memories!

These boys are still so funny. We have a twitter account called Put it on da Board @goinondaboard where we post funny quotes that they and other friends or random people say. I love hanging with then I love the laughs and smiles and even the SMH moments are pretty memorable and I cherish!

So, I say to you all, find those people in your life spend time and cherish those people and make memories because it is those moments that really matter in life!