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I was so excited the Hubs and I were going to go shooting, one of our favorite date night events! As I was getting a little irritated he was taking so long getting ready I pulled my phone out to browse Facebook and realized I was supposed to be at a meeting for PeeWees! I was so bummed!!! I hate being forgetful, the Hubs hates it more! I am now home throwing together this blog before we head out to salvage some together time date night type thing.

For the record we are +3 for July. We have really been taking advantage of the kids free time! This is what vacation should be, sex every night and even sometimes every morning and one day this weekend we had a three-a-day! Yay for kid vacations!

Have a good night peeps I’m going to play with the Hubs and salvage this night for a good night! Make lemonade out of these stupid lemons I created for myself with my forgetfulness!!!