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Happy Tuesday!!  Today is the first weekday in two weeks that I haven’t had massage scheduled. I work at the bar tonight at 6 and have a bunch of stuff to get caught up on. But when I have too much unscheduled time I get nothing accomplished. I have busywatered the lawn (probably overdosed the lawn), started laundry, made myself lunch and slept in. I have made some calls for Pee Wee football event I am organizing and planning. Next up I am going to vacuum, clean up kitchen, take a shower, go tanning then go shake up some cocktails at the bar tonight!

I have decided that tonight I will feature Mai Tais since we have a beach party coming up. Hopefully I will have people share the invite for the Party we are having at the end of the week. Yes I have been very productive. A good thing is that the Hub’s Softball uniform did get washed earlier this week so I don’t have to stress about it. I think now that summer massage schedule is going into effect I need to balance out my time. Working and homemaking need to balance out. I do only work part time, I can balance both. (can’t I?) I want to balance both! This is what my struggle is and has always been!

I really want to be a rock star mom, wife, bartender and massage therapist. I think I have done a pretty good job lately just keep my head above water. But I want to be great at it all. I know I can’t do everything. I am trying to be realistic and I am slightly unrealistic about all I want to do. I feel that with some delegating and preplanning and work, just doing it, I can be great! This family can be great and happy. I just have to stay balanced. But I don’t know if I really know what that means.

What I do know is that I have got work to do! So I am going to go start in the kitchen, unload dishwasher clear counter tops and wipe down counters. Then I am going to head back to my bedroom finish putting clothes away and clean the counter in the bathroom then, I am going to vacuum the whole house and take a shower and get ready for the day (night) at work. And grab my husband as he changes before he gets his softball uniform on and have a quickie naked moment with him….