So we were at the bar last night and this chick was flirting with my husband. She took his hat (that is some major disrespect to man in general let alone the fifth grade flirting you bitch knock it off!) He told her he was married and even though he said he wasn’t amused he was smiling, which kind of egged her on not purposely but it did. He did say he was married and her friend who knows me told her too. Then she finally gave him his hat back and kissed him at the same time! {Hold the phone that bitch just kissed my husband!!} Then her friend who was with her cones up later and tells me she is “harmless”. Harmless?! My ass she is harmless and what she is is a home wrecking whore! Does she realize the kind of shit that can cause in someone’s marriage? I was ticked and pissed but only because what I thought from the other side of the bar the Hubs could have been more direct and not as amused buy her antics and tell her very loudly ‘THAT IS MY WIFE”. But he had no control over her she just pounced on him really.

I trust the Hubs! I do not trust dumb bitches and as I replayed this in my head today I wish I had the guts to say “No bitch, listen here! This is my husband. You telling me you did not know he was married is a lie, because he and your friend told me they both told you he was married. You didn’t know his wife was sitting there watching the whole thing, so you are only sorry that I saw you not that you kissed a married man who happens to be my husband. You are what causes HUGE fights and for good reason! I trust my husband and watched the whole thing so I know you instigated it all! So before you come apologize for what you did wipe the fucking smirk off your cheating face and show some respect to you fellow women and stop flirting with married men! Bitch!! This is probably why you are single at your age, you probably had a man cheat on you with someone just like you a woman seeking out married men to ruin their lives, huh?! Back the Fuck Off Bitch! He is my man and I will go psycho on you if you dont!”

Problem being is I went more psycho on the Hubs not her. I need to grow some balls and say these things to people like this bitch and not my husband. He did need to be more forward and direct but really he did nothing but stand there!

Ladies, be respectful and stop flirting with strange men who tell you there married most women would go psycho on you and beat your ass! She is lucky that I am slow to anger and afraid of confrontation…however if it happens tonight I will be saying something! Fucking dirty single tramps stay away from married men! Especially mine! I have a jealous side however I don’t hover over my husband, I give him space to talk to and even flirt a little with our girl friends or people we know and I don’t get jealous of just anyone talking to my husband, but playing the stealing hat game and then kissing him, that is reason for a beating, not only jealousy! To the woman from last night “Fuck You Bitch. Because of you the Hubs and I went home disagreeing about the whole incident (we didn’t fight but it was close to a fight) there was negativity in my life that didn’t need to be there! I hope you enjoyed your kiss, stupid bitch! You will never get away with that again.”
Time for some Friday Night fun with my Hubs! No stupid bitches allowed!