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I am at work at the bar. It is slow. I want to figure out something for my Tuesday to get people in here. If the bar isn’t making money then I’m not making money. I have two customers right now. 


A ladies night, or a game night, we have been trying Cards Against Humanity but only 2 people showed up for that. I wonder if we did line dancing or just dancing… Would people come out on a Tuesday. Tuesday is kind of a lull day and night anyway! There is a reason movie theatres do $5 movies… I wonder if we could do a movie date night and offer a special when they buy drinks and dinner we buy them a $5 movie ticket or what about some sort of date night special to bring people in… We need a niche! I believe if we have a niche we can get people…
Any Bartenders or potential customers have any ideas?! 

We need a Tuesday thing….to bring in new people a new crowd who want to hang out and buy two or three Cocktails and maybe food…

Think. Think. Think.

Suggestions greatly appreciated….

I am sure there is something I can go clean or reorganize behind the bar…

When I get home I need to wake the Hubs up and fuck him after this slow night it may be the only tip I get!!