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I am tired! I have to get our camping trailer ready for our vacation. We leave on Sunday morning but have a memorial on Saturday and I have a shit ton of work to do at the PeeWees facility and massage work tomorrow AM. Luckily my bar job is training my sub for vacation tomorrow (a former bartender who normally lives in New Orleans who is in no way taking my job) during my Friday mid shift so I don’t have to work that. I’m sad, I’m going to miss my Friday shift this week, but as the Hubs said I could use the extra time to get stuff ready!

Not to mention the clubhouse is a disaster! We have gear checkout next Saturday and I am gone all week. Normally I spend that last week before gear check out organizing and cleaning. So someone needs to clean it up in there and we have started on some previous work party days but every time there has been stuff left unfinished and really we need basic sweeping the floors and stuff like that done! I am only one volunteer. When I took this position I didn’t have a job now I have two and the helpers I had in the past also have jobs now too!  We need new helpers to step it up! Their are some great people on the board that talk a great deal about how we are going to get stuff done and have a great year but a lot of detail balls have gotten dropped. And I am the Equipment Manager here saying…I asked about that months ago!

Anyway it is a labor of love! I love football and I love being involved with the sport and the Hubs and the Boy!
It is going to be a great year!


Needless to say, maybe, I have not had a lot of extra time to write. If only I could think  and write at the same time while driving or taking a shower.  This everyday thing is tough but I have come this far and will continue! Just some days will be shorter than others!