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vacation modeHappy National Tequila Day! What a great day to start my vacation! I am getting the family and our camping trailer ready to leave for vacation on Sunday, today! I am letting the PeeWee football equipment manage itself, later. I got all the gear shipment today that I needed (I think). And we will deliver it to the clubhouse later. I am totally on vacation mode! Pour me a shot sprinkle me some salt and pass me a lime please it is the start of my vacation!

We sadly have to delay officially starting and leaving until Sunday because Grandma Great passed away and tomorrow is her memorial. So we pull out of the driveway for camping Sunday morning. Headed for the Ocean!

I will have my yoga mat in tow, the kids and Hubs are bringing their RC Cars, and kites. I may (but probably not) take my jewelry making supplies. I just want to relax, we have been so busy and life has been crazy it is hard for me to even imagine what it is going to feel like to have no schedule and just be able to relax and not go go go. Not that I don’t like to go go go, but relaxation is definitely needed!

I am thinking first I will be employing Grandma one more night for tonight for the Hubs and I to go out. Since I don’t have to work I think we will spend some time on the customer side of the bar chilling and hanging out with some friends and kicking off the vacation!tequila-day

First things first, pack the trailer, make shopping list for food, eat some dinner (pizza cooking) and freshen up the house before we head west! Enjoy the weekend friends! Cheers to the freakin’ weekend and prefunk vacation!