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Those are my toes in the sand! Yes, that’s right my vacation is at the Ocean! I love hearing the waves watching the water roll in and the waves crash as the tide is coming in (or going out). I love watching The Boy run and dig for clams (even though they are out of season and I told him not to) I love seeing The Girl checking out the shells and things she finds in the sand. I love watching The Hubs playing in the water and waves just like a kids he is like me, calm around the ocean we both love the water. It is our happy place. I love looking out on the horizon and seeing just water and waves. Even on a cloudy gray day it is so calming and relaxing. I feel so close to God and so spiritual at the beach.

Not to mention the time with the family! We are camping here in our trailer. We eat together and even clean up after meals together. We play cribbage or cards we don’t do this stuff at home, we could but don’t! I just love our Ocean camping trip vacations! Away from all the bullshit of work and house and bills and life in general (at least for a bit).

Everyone needs a vacation like this, even if just for a weekend, we only have 5 days…actually 4. A vacation to be close to your family at a place you can close your eyes and feel your mind and body relaxing with every breath that you breathe in!

Going back to my family!