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This is how this bartender travels! Yes, I brought enough lemons and limes for three friends, but who knows how many drinks I will want…I probably have more lemons and limes than Vodka!

I will grab some more vodka at home since we will be taking a timeout from vacation to take the Boy to football camp back home. A 2.5 hour drive each way for a 1.5 hour camp. Yes we are a crazy football family. Is this really news to anyone?

While we were home the girl went to her Gym class at dance and landed 9 aerials in a row! She could have gone longer but we were all ready to go to dinner! She has been working on it for a while and landed one orntwo last week but couldn’t repeat it… Well today she got it! 9 in a row!

We were here long enough for camp and gym and the went to dinner at our favorite restaurants in our town. I may have had enough wine to make me a little tipsy (2 glasses), enough to make me want to send the Hubs to get me more wine! But I won’t. We are watching the M’s game now and will send the kids to bed and tomorrow do some PeeWee things then take the Boy to his second and final day of camp and then head back to vacation at the Ocean!

Today was a great day before we left the Beach I had some Yoga on the beach the kids flew kites and drove RC cars. I got sunburned, the Hubs broke his RC car and fixed it…even though we spent a lot of the day driving we had a good vacation day!

Hoping to see LoMo hit a game winner right now …walked!!!! What?! Wild pitch!


This family is having fun even though we are at home and not in our trailer, I love vacation…even though we are at home we are all sitting together on the couch together, now waiting for Zunino to hit a walk off.  No one usually cares this much about baseball! It vacation back to the family! 

Zunino hits a base hit for the tie! Nice hit! We get extra innings!