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On this time out of vacation day we spent the WHOLE day at the PeeWee’s clubhouse. Organizing and inventorying gear to go out on Saturday! And getting ready for Football season! Our club, aside from the messiness that hopefully the rest of the board will handle, is ready for football! Gear checkout day is the most stressful day of the year for me to get ready for! This year I don’t feel I am as ready as I usually am. But like I have said in past posts that I did not have help this year. But today I had three of the most beautiful helpers. The Hubs, The Girl and The Boy!

They were troopers today. Only a few complaints. I don’t know what I would do without their help. I love doing stuff with them anyway, even if it stupid annoying volunteer work that I raised my hand for, that they have to sacrifice a day of vacation to help me out with!

I am starting to get excited for the season but it is a bit stifled with all the work that has gone into it. This is my favorite time of year. Can’t wait to watch our boy play, the Hubs coach and then on Sundays, the Seahawks! So exciting.

We are driving back to the Ocean, aka vacation, tonight. The Girl danced and apparently the Boy tore it up on the field tonight at football camp, he started off the night by picking off the QB from the safety position!

Earlier, The Hubs and I had some not so special moments that erupted from stress and frustration of all the work needing to be done for gear handout. I hope he knows how much I appreciate his work and his help. I do know that when he hits his limit … He hits a limit and is just angry not at me just the situation. I am doing it all alone aside from his help. And I think that bothers him that no one else can step up and help. And that I haven’t done it earlier in the year. Things just kept coming up and I put it off and now there is no more time to put this off. But we are not lingering there in the negative, we are heading back to the beach and hoping the kids fall asleep way before us tonight. Luckily, We have mastered the art of quiet sex in the trailer and our kids play hard so they also sleep hard and they have a separate room and that they like keeping the door closed. I feel like we need some good sex tonight! Or at least I want some and I know the Hubs does!

Gonna enjoy the drive with the Hubs. Have a great night folks ….I am trying to think up some fun vacation/camping Hump Day Challenge to bring back at you tomorrow!