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We had a blissful 2-3 hours on the Beach flying kites, doing yoga, running and jumping in waves with no cell phones or cameras and no pictures taken to memorialize the moments! Sometimes I think I feel like these moments don’t mean anything if I can’t share them but really they meant the world and were more fulfilling than any other moments on vacation so far. And we didn’t have to “redo that to get a good photo”.

You see, I get so caught up with documenting our lives. Taking photos to look back on, only to, years later, have no idea what the heck was going on in that moment, but I bet it was good! I share so many of our precious moments in social media, take photos and many times retake so we all look cute! I sometimes forget to live in that moment. We think “imagine what so and so will think”. I bet he/she will be proud of me, or maybe jealous or just think it is great or jsut plain enjoy seeing us do well and have fun. They probably do and yes I enjoy seeing everyones shared moments. I love keeping in touch that way, but does it really matter. Let’s not lose the moment for the post.

Who really cares. Yes, people love seeing our fun and our accomplishments but if you are so worried about sharing it, then are you really living it? This is a struggle I have with EVERYTHING! (I am a blogger for goodness sake) Almost every second of every day, the struggle is real. Every great thing that happens in my life and my children’s lives and my husband’s life I want to shout from the mountain top, The struggle is real.

We have found love right where we are. So BE THERE! BE HERE!

I could go on and on with this subject, but I will out my phone down and get back to my vacation. I hope I captured what I wanted to here. I am going to go back to my family who are cleaning up lunch dishes (now that I am almost don’t editing they are finished and waiting for me.) I will be going out on the Beach again today without my phone and guess what, we will have an amazing time and you won’t be there… And it will still happen. And I can still tell stories from my memory and that will still be meaningful to all of you who hear it!