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Today I noticed I am running out of time to get shit done for football. I still have to order jerseys Wednesday and I still have gear to get out to the rest of the players who didn’t show up on Saturday. I have been working my ass off and still get Coaches treating me with disrespect. I have spent all day Saturday, all last Tuesday (during the week of my vacation) and many other parts of many days and many full days at the club house organizing gear for players and coaches. I have been at the Clubhouse this week Monday Wednesday and will be there tomorrow at starting at 3:00 when practices don’t even start until 5:45! Today I was there 5:30 until 9:30 putting together coaches gear, and in a planning meeting for opening ceremonies and the jersey selection night event next week.

So, when I have a coach come up for his gear that took me hours today putting together and he tells me it’s wrong and he wants “his balls” that he and another coach came in and organized on last Thursday night! I got so frustrated and angry and want to scream! For one, I did not ask nor want these coaches to do that in the first place. I had other balls on order and we have more teams than they organized balls for not to mention they had the wrong information for the ball size and half the bags were wrong (Which is why I had to reorganize) So tonight another coach and I reorganized the footballs, glad I had help. Then this coach comes up and has to fuck with all of the bags that I had organized just so he could hand pick his footballs. Ugh this is the same coach who left early on the one day I did ask the coaches to be there all day for! So I may have been little cranky or snappy at him but come on, there are 5 footballs in the bag I have for you why the fuck do you need to go and hand pick differents ones!!! I want to go grab that bag and scribble all over the balls (he marked them with his team name last Thursday but didn’t mark all the others) and change them!!

I known for a fact none of these coaches know how much ‘behind the scenes’ time I spend putting this shit together! Some are smart enough to know these things don’t “just happen” the above coach obviously does not. I think it was just really disrespectful and he should just stick to coaching and stop criticizing or telling me to do it differently, the one person who has the most hours into organizing gear so he can coach. I’ll stick to the equioment manager roll and he should go back to coaching 2 hours a night; he obviously couldn’t handle what I do. I have a family and a job and kids and a husband to take care of guess who gets put on the back burner when I am at football for all these hours, just to be disrespected!

OK I should stop the negativity and ranting but seriously I work fucking hard to do this please respect that and don’t talk to me with that “you’re a woman you don’t know” kind of tone!


I do what I do for football because I love to do it. I enjoy making things better and since I took over equipment manager it is a thousand times better! But honestly there are only a handful of people who know or were even here back then. I know and sometimes I get bitter! But it is for the league, for the kids to be a better community! A labor of love!

OK rant over!