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It was a good family day here in the Earl house! The kids came home around 8:30 and we all went back to bed. We slept in, ate bring around the table. Worked on RC cars, played, cleaned a little and went to the car show. Then as we sat around the table for dinner we realized football was on, so we grabbed TV trays and watched the game! I can’t tell you how proud I was to hear the Girl say “That guys off sides!!” Our family got closer today!

Yes we watched TV while eating dinner but it was football. Football (along with sex) is what has helped the Hubs and I survive our relationship. In rough times we always had football to remind us that we like to be together! I believe eating dinners together helps families stay close but I also while the TV is on takes away the bonding… U less that TV is Football and that family is mine!  I do believe families should have plenty of non TV (and other electronics use) family meals if and when possible! Our family is busy and I am thankful for days like today!


For many reasons football bonds our family together. The Hubs taught me football 19 or so years ago!!! The Boy plays and the Girl like to support her dad and brother and enjoys the game just like me! So eating our family dinner around the Football game was great! I love this time of year! Take the time to get to know your family and take part in activities you all can enjoy!

Love them play with them and spend time together!