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when-a-plan-comes-together_o_2467537I saw a story on the news today that Sexting is good for relationships! Woohoo, that’s what I am talking about! I feel vindicated and excited that my hump day challenges are helping change marriages and improve lives. In this study more than 80% of people do and/or have sexted in the last year. And in committed relationships sexting increases sexual satisfaction and helps relationships stay fresh and exciting! How about Sex Love and Washing Clothes helping increase your sexual satisfaction with some of our hump day challenges and getting you to sext your spouse and/or lover! This made my day!

Then the next thing that happened today was I got an email from the Seahawks telling me that they had set up an NFL Heads Up Football Ambassador to come out to our event tomorrow. A former Seahawk player to come our event that I have planned and envisioned for a while now! Talk about vindication! I am so excited that I have put together an event that our players and families get to experience and learn from a passionate man who was once a player on the stage our Pee-Wees look up to! He called me this morning I was in the middle of writing this very wordy email trying to explain what was going on, then my phone rang! I am so excited I just hope he doesn’t get stuck in traffic and miss our event!

I have been working so hard and been so busy getting ready for tomorrow. We will be picking jersey numbers, throwing balls at the dunk tank soaking our head coaches, singing and dancing to some fun music provided by our DJ and get questions answered by a Former pro Football player! I am so excited but so nervous something is going to blow up in my face and have a big mess to put back together! I am not thinking of that right now. I am so happy when a plan comes together!

I have some emails to send to coordinate this even tomorrow and get families informed! What fun we have in our Pee Wee organization!