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Happy Saturday! It is nap time here at the Earl House. Well one of us is napping two are watching Disney Channel and one is pseudo working… take a guess who? I need to get football gear order submitted for Jerseys. I am afraid I am going to miss someone, write someone’s name wrong on the back and have no way to fix it at all since it is coming from back east! But I just have to get it done! This is a stressful job and when I decided to save the league money by doing it this way I didn’t realize the extra stress and work load that I would be affected by. But it is for the kids and it will be much better in the end! …I hope!

Like I said it is nap time here. The Hub’s is installing Windows 10 on our home PC and 10259903_794316270588938_1979588331700485692_nnapping at the same time. I snoozed a bit but woke up and can’t go back to sleep so I figured it was a good time to blog here.

So the Seahawks game was fun last night but, they have some work to do. Which really is what you learn most first preseason games! I trust the coaching staff and the team that they will get back to work and come out on top this year. After the game the Hub’s and I stopped at our favorite watering hole in town and just hung out. We had a great time until the end of the night, a drunk fight broke out and the Hub’s had to step in a break things up. Stupid people! Then the guy resisted the police when they tried to arrest him, boy he probably did not have a great night! So the Hub’s and I were spun up at 2am so we got home weren’t tired and had a good time sans clothes and made the most of our adrenaline rush… which is why we are so tired right now, but oh it was a sexy night for sure!

Tonight we are planning on going to a “Glow Party” which should be fun. It is a charity event at the bar I work at. I like it when the others come out to support events I plan and work so I am going to be a team player have a few drinks and see what a glow party is all about. Should be fun and exciting! Although we just got a text from a friend about what are we doing tonight an invite from friends may change my “loyalty to my bar’s event” although we will check it out at some point regardless! Time to get back to napping on this Saturday afternoon!