Happy Sunday! Today was a fairly productive day for me and my family, the Girl and I played a game, we cleaned up some clutter in the house, did dishes, laundry…. then I had to go to work at the bar. And now I’m on my way home to the Hubs who’s making steaks for all of us. It was a super slow day at the bar today, I think I had five customers and at one time there were 3 there. I tried to but I didn’t even give out any pull tabs jackpot! I was filling in for the regular Sunday mid shift person… Made $25 in tips so not really worth missing my family for 5 hours, but it is more than I would have had without working right?!


Sundays are for families, but this is bartender life right? …Something like that. I get home at 9:30 to a family who hasn’t eaten dinner so they are all cranky then, we eat (yummy steak made by the Hubs) kids go to bed, the Hubs and I sit down to relax only for me to spill a whole pounder glass of Cocktail (Eddy Palmer) all over the couch!! Fuck me! Really?! I dropped a glass of Bitters and Soda earlier today the same way all over the food menus at work. Got all the menus wiped down today though! But now I am entirely on the opposite side of the couch from the Hubs because of the wet mess!

Am I being flaky and not paying attention or is their something going on with my hands and muscles …I need a massage. I need to take care of my body, I only have one. Maybe it is a bit of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome flaring up! Note to self: Take care of your body, Ruby. You won’t be able to take care of your family if you don’t! …And that goes for all of you too!!

Take the time to take care of yourself! This is my business motto! It used to be on my business cards I need to start follow my own advice! Time to relax with the Hubs (on two ends of the couch!)