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Fuck me!! It is still Tuesday for me!!! Took the kids to the fountain park then went to work at the bar for my Tuesday night shift!
I’ve had a busy packed day so I haven’t got a chance to blog yet. My shift was steady at the bar so I didn’t get a chance to sit down and take a break and blog. I did talk about writing and my blog to another bartender at the end of my shift. I started Sex Love and Washing Clothes as a stay at home mom to help encourage stay-at-home moms to be happy and content with themselves and life in general. To encourage couples to have good sex and enjoy life together. And now here I sit at the end of a shift of my ‘second job’ …oh how this year has evolved me and this blog.
I’m going home now and I’m going to fuck my husband. I will wake him up if I need to, I’m pretty sure he won’t get mad at me for that, but he might get mad at me if I decide to continue blogging instead of fucking him good night Readers.