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It was a long day. Started off by waking up with a Tummy ache. I almost had to cancel my first massage it was so bad. I have been having digestive/tummy issues for a while. I have another Dr appointment on Tuesday. I can’t figure out what is causing it, dairy, wheat, fatty foods, vegetables, sugar, all have been involved in both situations after I ate and I felt fine and times I felt bad. I have done a lot of tests including endoscopy and colanoscopy to figure out what’s wrong. It is starting to really affect my life and not just be annoying. I was late for work because of it and almost didn’t go. It sucks. And is tiring. I don’t have time or energy for this.

Then at the office I learned I had a massage today that I wasn’t aware of. The office staff should call me when they schedule am appointment, actually they are supposed to send a text but they don’t always. I usually catch it before the day of. I really needed my time today. I had to switch to doing a half hour instead of and hour massage, that was frustrating. Sometimes it just happens but today I was just irritated.

Then this afternoon I got a text saying the bartender I covered for On Monday is now in the hospital and I have to work for her Friday and Saturday night. I have to close both nights! I love my job and enjoy bartending but I miss my family and miss hanging out with my man and friends on the weekends when I have to work. Maybe lots of fun people will come in and I can make that money money money!

And now the Hubs and I are about to crash. We are exhausted. He stayed out till closing Monday night while I worked. Then he was fixing the computer Tuesday night and was awake until just before I got home at 3am and then we were up until 1am-ish last night after our “date night”. We are tired! I was counting down until Saturday night when we would have no football practice, dance or work and we could just chill together, now that’s not gonna happen. I love working and contributing financially to the family but I feel like I am abandoning them. I know it’s life and that’s what happens when you want to be financially stable and provide for your kids and have a comfortable life and have expensive hobbies, but I miss my family. Need to take advantage of the time off I get and make it more quality, I don’t have enough time, to not make it quality time.


So I am done here going to have some quality time with the Hubs. (I miss quantity time). But we will make every minute worth it and every minute count..or at least try to!