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Today as I write we are in the midst of what I am calling operation surprise a friend. They Boy has been asking for his buddy to spend the night all week. I kept forgetting to ask his mom and then I got a text inviting The Boy to his buddies Surprise birthday. Since the boy is horrible at keeping secrets I told her I wasn’t going to tell him until Saturday, that is when she got the idea to do this. So I am waiting on a phone call from Friends mom to let me know when to “come to pick the Friend’s bag” that he forgot….


Tonight The Girl is at a friend’s house and the Boy is  obviously going to a friends house so The Hubs and I are going out on a real date. Our anniversary is this coming Wednesday so I told the restaurant we are celebrating our anniversary! We have been married almost 15 years we can celebrate an Anniversary Week/or two Anniversary Weekends!

This week, with our anniversary coming up and football starting and thinking of school starting soon (and working more hours at both jobs than I want to right now) I have been kind of nostalgic. As we get older and years go by you realize these moments don’t last forever! You realize that what I have been saying for so long “live in the moment and take it all in” really means something. Some times life seems hard and tedious and and annoying and just plain tough, but we need to realize that these moments are precious and deserve to be savored. Savor every moment and appreciate the milestones, don’t be sad! Enjoy it and live with no regrets. It is a reality that we have to miss some important moments in our kids and family members lives at sometimes but the moments we get to spend together we should make it worth every moment. Live laugh love, take it all in!

I plan to do just that tonight with The Hubs! (haha take it all in double meaning there)

Love your life don’t be sad in the tediousness or frustration in it. Be happy that you have it to live and happy you have those moments that make you crazy because one day you will wish you had more of them!

Love the life you live!!! ALL of it!