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It was so enjoyable staying in bed until 10:30 this morning! We had great sex last night, then slept until 10:30 right past the alarm at nine-ish. We ended today at our crazy friend’s house. The friends the kid watch movies with the “Friend Rule” if it’s something Friend would say, the kids are not allowed to repeat!

It is fun hanging with Crazy Friend! Crazy Friend was in our wedding, he has been at my house many nights sleeping on my couch and playing X-Box until 4 or so in the morning on occasion or more! I love Crazy Friend, not sure about the influence on my kids though!


These are the types of friendships that last forever! Lots of fun and lot of laughs and lots of special moments! I love these moments, I am sure our kids will have lots of ” Crazy Friend” stories, which are always fun to share on late drunk and even non drink nights! I love our friends!!!!

I hope and wish you all to have a crazy friend like ours these moments don’t last forever and Crazy Friend types are the one’s there for you when you need them!!!