If my dad was still with us he would say “Stop burning the candle at both ends!” He used to get so mad at me for staying up late doing homework and then getting up early to finish it. He would be right, right now I am burning the candle at both ends. As they say it gives a lovely light however it might not last the night….


I made a schedule for us tonight,home from football kids in bed 30 minutes after we get home then us in the hot tub and to bed by 10:00… It is 10:14 I just realized I hadn’t posted yet!  FUCK!!!!

We are both exhausted I waved a white flag today and called my friend who is a house cleaner and she is coming over tomorrow to help me get my house clean! I need a house keeper day! To come home and have the floors clean the dusting done and the tops of every surface is my house decluttered and cleaned up!

Before I pass out I am going tobgrav the Hubs maybe sit in the hot tub, but probably just go get him inside of me before we are yet again “too tired” (it has been a slow week in the sex arena of our life)! We need balance!! More sleep and more sex!!!

So try to keep that candle burning but not until it burns itself out!!!!