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So I said it yesterday I waved the white flag and surrendered and hired back my house cleaner! I laid about an 8 hour shift of tips to get someone else to clean my house! It is so nice coming home to a clean and organized house! I would be sitting looking at a mess of I hadn’t it was worth the $90 for that today.

We are now sitting on the couch chilling. I had to work the midshift at the bar. It was a steady busy evening. I really would prefer the late shift because the tips are better, mostly.


One of my favorite things about working at the bar is, that I have coworkers that are turning into really good friends! I don’t get that at my massage office. One of my bartending coworker friends came out to watch the Girl dance at the county fair the other day! It made me feel so special and so appreciative of our friendship!!! I am enjoying bartending. Sometimes I wish sometimes I could make more fancy Cocktails and more fun drinks and make more tips but even with what it is now, I really love it! The people and friendships and working together and having each other’s back is really rewarding! I love my job. It is really fun and makes me pretty good money.

I miss my family when I am at work, but if I have to work, I am happy that this is what I do, both of my jobs.

Go do what you love. Enjoy your life and enjoy your work. Do you, be you, love your life!