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Happy Saturday!!! Seahawks won the preseason game! Which really means nothing but hey, a win is a win right? …Not really in the preseason!

We are hanging out at our friends house playing pool, watching the game, eating some dinner. I helped cook some dinner and I am pretty sure that one of our friends may have had an orgasm when he tasted my Mac and Cheese tonight. Tonight I made it with bacon. I cooked the bacon in small chunks and then added cheese and milk make it a cheese sauce and blend it with the pasta. Usually I add the cheese to the pasta and then add bacon bits after cooking them. It was pretty yummy! I do get excited when people that I cook for really like the food I cook!

We are hangingfriends know your stories with the Hubs’ friends who he has been friends with for years. The homeowner of the night was in our wedding and the boys here are all best friends. We are having a great time! We brought our kids (probably should have left them with a sitter they have been bored and exposed to a lot of language and inappropriate innuendo) they got to play pool too. They are being pretty good though.

It is a night with friends here, we are having fun. A friend just said that The Boy is “not short of character” he is a bit obnoxious to me but I am his mom and our friends think he is “not short on character” which is okay with me.

“Everybody here is a little shit talker” was the most recent quote of the night. (That one is going on the board on Twitter @goinondaboard a fun follow!) They are having fun just like they have done since they were in high school. So obviously my son has learned from the pros!

Going back to the group. Happy Saturday night folks I hope you all enjoy your family and hang with great friends!