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How do you teach Self-denial and perseverance to 8-9 year olds? This quote is very accurate but how do you teach this to young football players? I helped coach the Hubs’ PeeWee team today. There are some great players and great kids then there are kids who don’t respect authority and don’t listen well or even know what “drive” is. It was somewhat painful dealing with some today as I helped coach in The Hubs’ absence. We had such a great driven team last year. (I know I should not compare teams.) I do believe these kids can be great, but THEY just have to decide to! How do you teach that?

If anyone can do it, my husband can. I am excited to see what they will look like next Saturday at the game! Sometimes all it takes is getting in the game for the light bulb to go off. He can do miracles and as long as the players decide to be great they will hold their own. Problem is some of these kids don’t know self discipline or respect so we’ll see if in he next two weeks they can learn it… I hope they can I want to see these boys do great against all the odds!!!

Regardless it is Wolfpack Football and we are under two weeks until kickoff!!!!!