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OMG, so I forgot to post a blog today!!! It was a nice day. Got the kids clothes “inventoried” so we know what to purchase for school clothes this year. Then The Boy had a friend over and they all went to Grandma’s for a sleepover and she is taking them to a drive through zoo tomorrow! She has my kids plus the Boy’s friend and my sister’s two younger girls. Yes 5 kids and a roommate she will be taking to this drive through Zoo an hour away! I am sure they will all have fun, they may all drive her crazy but she will love every second of it. That’s what Grandma’s do!

The Hubs and I went out for dinner and a few drinks before bed. Then had some “quality time” together before we went to bed to sleep… that is when I realized I forgot to post today.


Along with a few other things I forgot to do online. I.e. Fantasy Football Draft set up and PeeWee football Facebook update and maintenance stuff… Guess what I will be doing first thing in the AM after the Hubs goes to work?!

Anyway I feel like it was a productive Sunday and that it will be a good week. Starting it off with a productive, fun and relaxing Sunday that includes good sex (and the Hubs went shooting with his buddy so h had guy time and shooting time for some stress reliever) and quality time, we are set for a good week!

Happy End of Sunday folks!!