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Another Tuesday got away from me without blogging. I took the kids school clothes shopping today and we were very successful the kids got pretty much everything they needed. And we only had to go to one store. As many of you know, Tuesday is my working at the bar night. Tonight was a weird night! It was like a full moon type of weird night but I don’t think it’s the full moon, and it is too late for me to look it up to see when the full moon is or was. However, I have some nice generous people and made quite a lot in tips tonight which is nice. That will make the Hubs’ and my trip this weekend a little bit more fun and a lot less stressful!

Ok, I just got home, I have been voice texting this blog as I Drive. Hands-free don’t worry I’m safe. So it’s time for me to go inside and go to bed and I’m going to jump on my husband and fuck him. Last week I cuddled up next to him and didn’t wake him and he was not appreciative of that so I’m going to go in and get me some before I go to sleep. I need to work on getting my blog done during the day on Tuesdays and not doing it at 3 o’clock in the morning. So for those of you who still are on Tuesday have a good night!