We dropped the kids off at Gram and Gramps’ house and now the Hubs and I are heading to Portland! We get a weekend away. We get one night in PDX then home for a kid free rest of the weekend. The kids come home on Tuesday school starts Wednesday! OMG I don’t know if I am even ready I hope they have clean underwear and enough pencils! Where did the summer go? ….Oh I know, I was working! How will my dishes get done, now that the kids won’t be home during the day?!


As we drive along Hwy 87 from Yakima we realize that even though we are only a few hours away from home as still in the same state (for now) it is so different over here. Every time we have time to check out our surroundings it is so impressive this state that we live in.

Driving today reminds me of my childhood. We used to drive to visit my Grandparents, every three day weekend! I hated it!! Mind you back then there were no electronic to entertain a kid on a long drive, no air conditioning and my parents listened to music that was not my favorite. But I think about how neat it would be to recreate those trips with my kids! It is probably better in my mind than it would be in reality but one day I would like to try it.


So before I get carsick from being on my phone I am going to close out this blog with an overview of our plans:  Ducks football and strip clubs are on the adjenda for the Hubs and I tonight! Then, the best part, bonding time after at the Hotel. We need this reboot and reconnection weekend! And this break!!! Hope you all get to take in the weekend and relax!