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Oh MY WORD!!! What a difference a day makes!! The Hubs and I spent a day driving, a night partying and another day chilling in PDX and I can tell you we feel rebooted! We got into kind of a big fight before we left and driving to Portland we had some tense moments, but after spending time just unwinding and being together not to mention major attitude adjustment type sex we are good!


We needed a reboot, so much so that we didn’t even realize it! I am so thankful for my In-laws and the ability to take mini trips like this. Going away is just something unexplainable, when you don’t have your normal worries. Being home in your normal routine, it is so easy to just take your partner for granted and get frustrated about the towel they left on the floor. When you are away you don’t worry about that stuff and you can check in with each other and just be in that moment with your lover! We totally needed it!

We are better for each other because of it! Taking care of ourselves and our relationship makes us better parents and better stewards of our family! I know there are a lot of people who judge me about taking time away with my husband instead of time with my kids but I know, for us, we would be worse parents and horrible for our kids if we did not have this time together. Does that make us bad parents? I don’t think so. We balance out our time. We try to model happy parents and good lovers (sometimes we fail miserably but they see both sides, bad stuff and good stuff too.)

I am grateful for kids who are well adjusted and easy to take to Grandma and Grandpa’s. I must be doing something right if at 9 and 11 the Grandparents will still take them and beg for more time! I love my kids and my husband. I love my family and want us to be happy, we need times like this weekend to do so!

Take time to take care of the Mom and Dad in your family! One day in that house those will be the only two there and then what? Keep up on your relationship. Your kids will see two people who love eachother, they need that modeled for them! Your kids are not the center of your family, the two of you are! Love eachother! Love your kids too! It is not mutually exclusive! Have good sex, lock your doors and be happy!