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First scrimmage or the Boy’s team was tonight. I am the equipment manager so  I missed it since I had to get Helmet Hardware Kits out to all the coaches. And I had to address issues of kids jerseys that “didn’t fit”. Apparently our team did a good job! All the jerseys that “didn’t fit” actually did fit. New rule folks do not proclaim a jersey as “not fitting” until the Equipment Manager says it doesn’t fit!!!! I felt so vindicated when I got those jerseys to fit!!! Realty, they questioned me and my team of gear fitting coaches? No parents you do not know better…


I am counting down until I see The Boys team on the field it has been a proud mamma week! First day of school yesterday first scrimmage today and then picture day for football and then Saturday is the first PeeWee Football game! I have to say I am so excited. Hey,…. Did I mention that my son, The Boy, got what they call “Wolf of the Week” award. He works so hard everyday and being a coaches son he is held to a higher standard than everyone else, even the other coaches kids.

I am super excited for this season and this year! But now it is time for me and the Hubs to play out yesterday’s himp day challenge!