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Never forgetWhat were you doing on this day 14 years ago? I will never forget that moment at about 6:15 or so when the Hub’s yelled to me “come here and look at this” I was in the kitchen making his lunch, he was in our bedroom getting dressed and ready to go to work. Back then he often turned on the TV to watch the news while he got ready for work. I came back to the bedroom and saw the first World Trade Center building on fire from an airplane hitting it. Then as we watched, we saw something else in the air, it was the other plane and it flew into the second World Trade Center building with a ball of fire! The world changed right there. Little did we know it would only get worse from there! That day was in slow motion it felt like three or more days. Airplanes stopped flying, and for a moment, the world stopped spinning.

It has been 14 years since that day. Every year on this day it brings me back to those moments. It is sad and I well up with tears when I hear them reading the names of the people who were lost in those buildings that day. Then I feel kind of bad because being sad and scared is what those terrorists wanted and I don’t want them to win! We should remember fondly the people we lost but we keep moving forward. We need to remember, without stopping our lives. Which I think we do, mostly. Life goes on, I don’t say this to sound callous because I know for many people that day, life did not go on. Ours however does. We owe it, to those we lost, to live our life to the fullest. Those who we lost that day,  and since then, would be happy seeing us enjoying and making the most of our lives that we get to live.

Always remember, never forget. Live life to the fullest and stand strong America. We owe it to our brothers and sisters who cannot live their lives. Hug and kiss your loved ones that you have still. Love them and tell them you love them, you never know when they will not be here. Everyday live, laugh, love stay in the positive don’t worry about what might go wrong just enjoy what goes right and love on your family!