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It is Monday night. I am watching my first real NFL football of the weekend, well, it is the halftime show. I had to work yesterday during the Seahawks game and then the late game as well. Apparently the bar I work at is also the official Raiders bar locally. I may have posted in the middle of a little stressful family moment yesterday when I said “today sucked”. It really didn’t suck that much. The hubs and I had a bit of a stressful moment. Football is our thing! If you haven’t noticed. Our family is a bit of a fanatical family when it comes to football and Seahawks. The Hub’s and I met over football. He taught me the game over his scouting reports when he was in high school. Our Monday morning ritual was going over the scouting report for the week. He would tell me about who he was covering and what plays they were running (I had no idea what he was talking about, but over the years I have learned. It was sad that I didn’t get to celebrate the scores and to good moments and just the plain kick off! That happy smile the boyish excitement overcomes him! I love that  when I get to see that from him, it doesn’t happen very often! My husband is a very serious matter of fact kinda guy.

I'd rather be watching FootballSo after some intense moments of the Hub’s and I venting our frustration to each other once I got home we have decided to make a new ritual over football. The Hub’s and I will rematch the game when I get home. He may still watch it with buddies but we will rematch as if it was the first time complete with touchdown shots and our normal watching rituals. I hate not being with the hubs and family during the games, at least I still have the home games to go to! There was a moment last night that I thought that maybe this isn’t for me. Why do I have to be good at my job so they need me back? Maybe I don’t need this job if it has to be me working the games. I think we may be able to get through this. I know we can we just need to be on the same page. It is a huge sacrifice. I did not make a huge amount in tips, it was kind of a normal day amount for us to split by 3. I hope it will get better, apparently the late games are better because not as many people want to come out and drink at 10:00 in the morning.

So today my day got better and the Hub’s and I will be on the same page next game, and fans will come out to drink and eat and tip well! Regardless, I am happy that is it NFL season I love Football! Maybe by this time next year I won’t need to work so much and can enjoy it with he family again. I kind of wish my bar was a bar that would allow kids during the day and then turn into 21 and over at 9 or so. That way the hubs could bring in the kids watch the game with a crowd of people and we could still be together-ish….

But for now I will enjoy Monday Night Football as much as I can hopefully the Vikings beat the 49ers! Until the Hub’s gets here (he is working his night teaching apprentices gig) and then we will take a shot and cheers to football since we haven’t been together since NFL football started (Thursday we had football practice during the game). Seahawks had a sad loss yesterday but at least the Boy’s team won! Yay Wolfpack!