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Yesterday I went back to dance for the first time since this summer! I have been so busy with football and just enjoying my family on the nights that I could so dance got pushed aside! Being Monday, The Hub’s is teaching and The Girl is dancing and luckily the boy had a buddy at dance to hang out with. Which made it a perfect night for me to be at dance. At first I felt like an outsider, the girls who had danced all summer had their little secret inside jokes and I felt left out. Once we got into actual dancing I put all of that out of my mind and checked in to me! It was Modern and we had an exercise that we were supposed to feel the music and the instructor would tell us what body part to move from.

IDance it out totally got into the music. This is why I dance! Everyone, everything, went away and I just felt the music. The teacher said to me “nice facials Ruby!” and I realized my face was showing the emotions inside of me. I was about to cry! Full of emotions that I don’t really know what they mean. I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to think feel or even know what any of that really is! When I was dancing I wasn’t thinking about my feelings or even knowing what I was feeling. I was just dancing! I even very smoothly went into the splits, just like a real dancer! (I didn’t even know what I was doing and then I was like WOW! Check me out!)

How can I be expressive in my dance when I don’t know what I am trying to express of feel or anything! The answer is “It doesn’t matter!” The idea that you have got know what you are expressing in my opinion is so untrue. Sometimes your dance will mean one thing to you and then something completely different to the person watching it! And that is perfectly okay. Just let what is inside of you flow out. When you have choreography, yes, you should know what your dance is supposed to mean, but that doesn’t mean the person watching it will get the same out of it. They will get what they need. So when you are free styling just dance what feels right!

I am so glad I got to dance last night! I so needed it and I am so glad I will be getting that every single Monday night. No football to interfere and The Hub’s is at work so I won’t feel like I am missing out on time with him and the Boy has a buddy who he can hang with while I am dancing and the Girl is dancing at the same time. So operation dance until you feel yourself is in full swing!

I love that I have dance even if it is only one night a week I hope and think it will help me to stay balanced and stay me for at least that one night a week that I get to dance, maybe I can squeeze in a little more dance or me stuff during the week!

Dance like no one is watching!