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I am getting old! Or maybe sick, do hangovers give you a fever? The Hubs and I went out last night I had 3 drinks at one bar the 2 at the next. Today I have a migraine and am puking every time I eat. I normally have at least this amount of drinks and more if you include shots and the socializing of a whole evening out or at a party with friends! Maybe it is just bad timing and a coincidence of date night and me catching a bug or something. I feel embarrassed for having a hang over, but maybe I am getting more sensitive to alcohol or maybe it was the Rockstar in it or the fact of my schedule catching up with me!

I need to sort out my life and set out better boundaries and decide what it is I want out of life. My heart says family and fun and more time to enjoy them. My schedule says money and time away from my family. This weekend I am scheduled to work my normal  Friday (4-9) and Saturday till close and Sunday for the Seahawks game at the bar! One saving grace is that tomorrow is house cleaner day! I miss having the time to pull out the Fridge and Oven and sweep behind them once a month. Wonder what it looks like under there now after not doing it for 4-5 months?

I want to buy The Hubs the car he wants. I want to go on vacations and travel. I want my daughter to be able to dance and not be broke and for my son to be able to play any sport and be able to buy him nice gear for said sports. We need the extra money in order to keep doing our lives the way we do our life. I do miss the family when I am at work and want more time home to take care of the house and spend time with them but I enjoy not having battles and stress about money, but still hate the battles about housework and crazy schedules we fight out of stress. We can afford to do a lot of fun things but we don’t have the time. How do we balance this? I just can’t figure it out.


I need to schedule our life better. Make lists and be more organized. But, I don’t have time to do that! I need to MAKE time!!!! But, it shows that I don’t have time to not do it either! I need to figure this out I am frustrating and annoying myself with my craziness. But in all fairness I do enjoy everything I do. I am happy while doing it. I just wish I could do everything I need like 8 more hours in everyday and then I would be fine. Ooh and a Rosie (you know like the Jetson’s) I need a Rosie!

I just want to enjoy life and skip the struggles of house work and grocery shopping and trips to Walmart fixing cars and yard work ect…. I want to do the watching the kids dance and play football and dance with my husband get back to golfing and go camping types of things!

With all this complaining and negativity here I want to say I love my life and I am happy to have the family that I have to share it with and to spend the slivers of time we get to spend together! My kids rock my Hubs is the best and I do love my life!