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Well, it’s Friday evening at almost 10pm. I had 4 massages then worked mid shift at the bar tonight (4-9). I had a lingering Migraine from yesterday which tells me it was more migraine less hangover. I had a pretty good day. My massages went well and my shift at the bar was good. I gave away a $750 jackpot in Pull Tabs which always makes for a fun day. It was slow-wish but steady. The hubs and I started off a little rocky as we both are stretched pretty thin these days with our schedule and all. I am glad I have him and that we can get past some of these “special moments” without having a huge falling out. We love each other and we like to spend time together and when we can’t we get stressed and miss each other with is kindling for a fire of a fight but we are learning to not let it ruin us. On a bright note: Today was House cleaner day! So the house is nice and clean (aside from some laundry that needs to get put away) so we can just enjoy each other and not worry about the mess that we have to pick up or clean. So we can just enjoy each other.

Personalities cleanI really would like to spend every second of every day with him. We have so much fun together we are great companions. We love being together and we try to make as much time as possible to be with each other. We do a lot of things together. With football season being in full swing us going out on a Friday is a little bit of a bad idea so that we can have a good nights rest so that we can all be ready for the game tomorrow. So we are sitting on the couch watching a movie. Up next is some Hot Tub time!

Naked Hot Tub time! I may even go grab my Njoy and increase the enjoyment and start up some fore play for the night! What is on your schedule to make your night special with your lover? It doesn’t have to be a Hump Day Challenge for me to write about sex does it? Hot Tub, Butt Plug and maybe even some porn and hot ‘attitude adjustment’ type sex. You know the type of sex that makes you remember your younger days when you were dating and having sex for fun giving your lover what they enjoy and you getting what you enjoy from your lover! My Hub’s has a great way of making me feel beautiful loved and sexy and I plan to do the same for him!

Go enjoy your Friday Night, I plan too!

Sex Love and Washing Clothes!