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Today was what we call the Pee Wee cup. It is basically Interleague in our Pee Wee League. We have three teams at each division. In the Pee Wee Cup we play other teams at the same level as we are. We played the Gray team we are the Maroon team. We won 31-14. Our kids played really well. One kid, who happens to be the boy’s best buddy, scored 4 of our 5 he was on fire making tackles and really kicking ass today! The boy did really well too, he scored an extra point after one of the touchdowns. It was fun! It is always fun when you win.

Football heartI think you have to credit this win to the Coaches and the kids’ heart. The Hub’s is the head coach but he has another coach calling most of the plays, they did well. The Hub’s called the last play with just enough time to execute the play and score the touchdown. The boy running the ball, the boy’s other best buddy, crossed into the Endzone when the clock hit 0.0 seconds. The Hub’s is very good at calling a game. He’s mindful of the clock pays attention to detail and I just can’t say enough! I am glad that my son gets to have a coach that holds his players to a higher standard and who pays attention to detail and teaches the kids about how to play with heart not just what to do. He also is very good at teaching the kids respect. He respects them, yes he yells a bit but he doesn’t over do it! He also understands that yelling at a game is not a good idea. He understands if he teaches them well enough in practice that he won’t need to yell during a game and most mistakes during a game, yelling is not affective. I just think he is the best out there at this level. He also surrounds himself with good assistants, not that you get too much of a selection at this age. He is a good leader and I am glad he is getting a chance to impact these boys lives.

The Pee Wee cup is bragging rights around our league. It really means nothing. This year it happened earlier in the year which was good because last year we did it later in the year and our kids just did not play hard. They knew it meant nothing would not impact their playoffs or anything and last year there wasn’t even a trophy. We went to the Championship game they were more focused on playing the play off games and not the Pee Wee cup. Each year our teams are different and this year this teams heart is what will will them to win. This game was exactly that. What was really cool is players that have played on the Hub’s team before (they are now on the team up a level) came out to watch and helped with water and were ball boys on the side line. Our motto says “One Community” and that is what it is about. Older boys coming out to root on the younger and everyone being a team. It was a feel good day at The Pee Wee Cup tonight.

I hope that this feeling of community stays with these boys and they can support each other and be there for each other as they grow up. And I hope my team (The Hub’s team) keeps playing with as big heart as they have. This team has heart and that is so much more fun to watch. Sheer heart vs talent is so much more fun to watch! Do what ever you do with heart, it will out do talent on any given day! Live with your full heart put your passion into it and you will be amazed at what you can do when you do it with all your heart.