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Oh the mom/wife guilt I am feeling lately! I love my job I love my work. I miss being at home and having time to clean (not that I was super good at cleaning and keeping a nice spotless house), but I miss having the time to decide between running and cleaning. I miss being chipper and energetic when the Hubs gets home from a hard day and not being drained from my hard day at work. Currently at work my days are usually more emotionally draining vs physically draining, but still draining and hard in my body nonetheless. I want to be that balanced grounded happy wife and mom when everyone gets home with a smile in my face and dinner on the table. You know, like June Cleaver. But honestly I don’t believe she ever really existed  even in the 50’s!


So come on Ruby back to reality. Your kids aren’t cheap and you have to work and help pay for your expensive hobbies and your kids expensive hobbies. I just need to learn balance! We all heard this before. The reality is I need to schedule my life a little bit better! Let’s start with tomorrow. Gonna try to get uo with the Hubs and write then, get kids off to school do a Costco run and then volunteer at school. Then dinner (what the heck are we having for dinner?) Then football maybe hip hop class and then date night!

I will conquer this life and do what Sex Love and Washing Clothes was started for. To share with you how I conquer this life! Yes this life has changed and will continue to evolve since I started this blog. Hopefully I will inspire some of you to live fully and stop with the “Mom guilt” and self doubt!

Ok no I am ready to get to bed with my husband, yes, it is still Tuesday!